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We are Carrisbrooke.

Carrisbrooke consists of seasoned property developers and construction finance professionals.

We understand the equity and funding issues developers have in trying to secure an opportunity in today’s market. Carrisbrooke recognises that private investors can be unreliable, expensive and protracted when trying to purchase a development opportunity. Banks have also changed their risk profile in the last 10 years with regards to construction finance, they have cut back their risk and lend a lesser percentage of the land value meaning the developer has to find more of their own money.

This is where Carrisbrooke and it's finance team can help.


With the vast experience we have at Carrisbrooke we feel that we truly understand and recognise development opportunities when we are presented with them.

Our aim.

Our aim at Carrisbrooke above all, is to be a flexible and reliable source of second charge lending in the London and south east areas of England. We want to help developers to seize the development opportunities they are presented with on a daily basis.

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If you have a project you need funding then please read through our funding criteria and our funding process.

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